It’s been raining almost every day since we got home. And in my mixed-up state, I’ve been resenting the rain — its intrusion into our routine and the way it inhibits us from doing more activities outdoors. Its constant presence also means we can’t get back on the road as quickly as we’d like.

Rain on the deck, December 2010

Yet today, as David and I were discussing the rain, we realised how we are blessed to be in our house during this time. We have a solid roof over our heads and acres of indoors space for the children to run around, a proper kitchen to cook meals in and a fully functional laundry.

I’m amazed that for so long my attitude is persistently negative. I grumble and complain as much as our children. Where else do they learn it from?

So we’ve changed our attitudes. We’re glad that we’re home at this time. Who would want to be camping outdoors camping with four small children at this time? Yet I pray that when we do find ourselves in that situation, we’ll be thankful for that too!