What do you yearn for? I find that my attitude thoughout the day is defined by the things my heart desires above all others.

A tree by the Rous River, October 2010
Yearning for the seemingly impossible is the path to human progress. — Bryant H. McGill

Today, as I wander around my spacious home, I yearn to be living out of the back of a truck and trailer, camping off the grid, without a flushing toilet and plumbed water. I yearn for a simple life where our possessions do not own us but are the mere background noise of a life well-lived.

As I think of current and past friends, I yearn for them to be set free. I yearn for them to be released from their fears of what others may think of them. I desire those who are bound by religious obligations and the traditions of men to discover the freedom Jesus demonstrated.

Watching our children interact, I yearn for them to have the confidence to live authentic lives. I would love them to speak and live freely — not merely seeking to please those around them but to overflow with love, goodness and kindness because that is what is stored up within them. I yearn for our children to grow up in the freedom that we’ve only started embracing.

As we spend our days immersed in our holy scriptures, I yearn to understand and know our Father more. He promises, Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Who can resist such a promise? Not I.

What do you yearn for?