While we were away, we met a lovely young Danish couple to whom we gave the key to our house and invited them to stay in our house while they were in Brisbane. When we got home, we were rewarded with a pantry full of baked goods!

Danish cookies, December 2010
Boxes and boxes of these and other assorted Danish cookies were waiting for us when we got home.

We first met Jeppe and Trine just outside Carnarvon Gorge. They spent the night with us at our campsite because they were reluctant to drive across the creek that was raging over the top of the road.

When they drove off in the morning, we noticed that Jeppe and Trine had left their chairs behind — they had been stowed under their station wagon! David and I stored the chairs in our truck and made our way slowly to Emerald.

While we were walking around Emerald, we passed the window of an internet café, and David saw Jeppe and Trine inside, catching up on their emails! We were very excited to see them again and return their chairs — they hadn’t yet realised they were missing!

That night, Jeppe and Trine joined us again at our parking spot under the windmill, and we watched a movie on the computer, thanks to the powerpoints kindly made available in the shelters by the Emerald council.

We later found out that Jeppe and Trine — although they had the key to our house — were reluctant to enter the premises because they couldn’t raise us on our mobile phone. Our neighbour kindly encouraged them to make themselves at home, and they did — baking up a storm and skyping properly with friends and family back in Denmark.

When David and I were travelling around the world as newlyweds, we were shown exceptional kindness by a great number of people who hosted us. It’s fantastic to now be in a position to do the same for others!