Our stay at Maroochydore was mainly to stall the inevitable return home. We have been having such a good time camping, and we aren’t ready to re-enter suburbia.

Climbing Mount Tinbeerwah, December 2010
Of course, there are always great natural distractions on the Sunshine Coast. We scaled the modest Mount Tinbeerwah as a family.

Climbing Mount Tinbeerwah, December 2010
From the top of the small mountain, you can see both the beach and hinterland regions of the Sunshine Coast.

I hope that our children will absorb our love of the great outdoors and continue to pursue natural leisure activities when they have their own families.

It was great to see Nigel and Melinda again. They’re such good friends and we always laugh so much in their company.

Melinda and Nigel, December 2010
It was Nigel's birthday, and Melinda had to cover Nigel's mouth so he didn't blow out the candles on before they were all fully lit.

Since we last saw the Rattenburys, Nigel has been to China on a business trip. He stayed with my sister Renée in Hong Kong and recounted how he found our speech to be uncannily similar.

During our visit, we were able to take advantage of the returning sun and headed to the beach. I managed to persuade Mel to let the kids wag school and play with us instead.

Playing at Maroochydore beach, December 2010
We made a couple new friends on the beach and they joined in our games.

Playing at Maroochydore beach, December 2010
Aisha and Kalei dug a deep hole, with Aisha eating mouthfuls of sand every now and again.

Lunch at Maroochydore beach, December 2010
David cooked up spicy burritos for lunch. We were joined by Chum and Braeden whom we met on the beach.

Lunch at Maroochydore beach, December 2010
Chum wasn't certain about his options for 5yo Braeden's schooling, and so I encouraged him to research unschooling and other homeschooling methods.

Melinda and Asher, December 2010
There's nothing like tears at a parting to make you feel appreciated! Poor Asher was so sad to see us go.

Our plan is to get home, unload everything from the truck and trailer, make some adjustments, catch up on minor house maintenance and then hit the road again. Hopefully that won’t take too long!