When facing a situation, we can react in one of two ways: with a heart of thanksgiving or an attitude of iniquity. What is our default reaction?

Rock with waves
"Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock." — Jesus

It’s been a month since we hit the road. And on this amazing, completely unplanned itinerary, we have discovered that the difference between sparkling adventures and gloomy failure rests in our heart attitudes.

We display our attitude in thanksgiving or in iniquity. (David and I like using the old-fashioned term “iniquity” which speaks to me of a heart of darkness rather than the more modern term “sin” which connotes an aberration from the Christian cultural norm.)

Since we truly believe that the Father is in all things, we know that each and every circumstance come from Him. Our reaction demonstrates whether our hearts are aligned with His or still bent on following our own way.

David and I have learned this most clearly when we have taken the wrong road — literally. It has been in the situations when we have misread the map and driven down a road that is outside of our sphere of knowledge that we have discovered our hearts’ depths lead us either to sparkling adventures or a quagmire of fear, accusations and defensiveness.

When our hearts are aligned with the Father — when we are absorbed in His presence throughout the day — our default reaction to something unexpected is “Thank you, Father.” We can say this because we know that He brings good things, His mercy and loving-kindness know no end. Yet when we have retreated into our selfish selves — when we are intent on manipulating and achieving our own desires — we start to quarrel and hate one another.

The most obvious measure for our heart attitudes is our children. When we are resting in the Father’s presence — despite all seemingly adverse circumstances — our children understand that all is well and respond to our loving direction. When we are mired in iniquity and cannot see past the circumstances that surround us, our girls reflect our sin back at us — albeit in a more obvious fashion. They fight, argue, whinge and complain.

So, slowly, we are learning to lean more on the Father. We rest in His goodness, knowing that He has planned exciting things to satisfy our family — even when we might otherwise think that it’ll all end in failure because we’ve lost control. To the contrary, it’s when we lose control that we discover He is driving us and our family with love, patience and tender kindness.

What a treasure — to learn these things now and share them with our young family. We’re so thankful for the things Father is teaching us!