This is the last week to leave a comment on one or more of the giveaways if you want to win. I’ve been offering seven giveaways this month in celebration of my fourth blogiversary, and I would love to hear some more stories of noble recipients of these little items that are some of my favourite things.

I’ve extended the deadline to Friday, December 3rd which may give me the opportunity to do my posting from home. Remember, I’m posting worldwide, so be generous!

These giveaways are gifts from me to you for your special friend. I want to give to you so you can pass the blessing on. If you’re not sure what I mean, please read the guidelines before leaving a comment.

Here are quick links to the giveaways:

If you’re not nominating someone to receive the giveaway, please pass the message on to others who may know a worthy recipient. I would love to hear really good stories that inspire me to be generous, and they may inspire you to be generous in your own way too!