It’s all very well if you know how to chase a rabbit around the bush and into the hole — or whatever line you spin when teaching a child how to tie their shoes — but I learned a simpler way to tie shoelaces and have passed it onto my children.

We’ve needed to encourage the girls to wear good walking shoes on this trip. And with Aisha now aged five-and-a-half, it was time for her to learn how to tie her own laces. So I used the unconventional method I learned from my own dad before I went to boarding school at age six.

The only skill necessary is knot-tying. My girls are excellent at knots — I find all sorts of things tied neatly with multiple knots.

Easy how-to with shoe-tying
Start with a knot to secure the shoe.

Easy how-to for shoe-lace-tying
Make two long loops (rabbit ears, we call them).

Easy how-to for shoe-lace-tying
Tie these two loops into a knot as well.

Easy how-to for shoe-lace-tying
And that's how to tie your shoes! This method of tying the laces is so easy to learn. Who can you teach it to?

This has been a success with Aisha, and I intend to use this method with all our girls. If you find it helpful, could you please let me know too? Thanks!