A couple months ago, I raved about the Contigo cups that are now available in Australia from here. They’re the perfect cup to send with a child who likes to take a drink to bed.

Giveway picture

My girls like to have water with them at nighttime. And so we’ve let them take drinks to bed. But inevitably, it’s meant that there have been spills and sometimes tears as occasionally whole bottles are emptied over the sleepy child who just wants a drink.

The Contigo cups solved this problem for me. They only work when the button is pressed, releasing the seal that opens the spout. Two-year-old Calista can work the cup easily, although Contigo says that they’re for kids aged three and up.

I have one of these cups to give away. It’s a small size, suitable for a child, and in a very lovely blue which doesn’t mean it has to be for a boy.

So, in the true spirit of generosity, I’d like to hear if you know anyone who could really use a spill-proof cup in their life. (Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines for this giveaway before you leave a comment.)