This Playmobil giveaway is not only one of my favourite things, but a favourite toy of my girls. If we could only keep one toy, this would be it.

Playmobil is a quality European plastic toy with a longevity that matches Lego. It’s durable, open-ended and enjoyed equally by boys and girls. We love Playmobil, although we call it “little people” in our non-brand-name-conscious way.

Giveway picture

My sister gave us this set several months ago, and the girls have enjoyed it so much that I’m giving an identical set away. The carriage has been extremely educational, the accessories and the skirts on the lady and girl can be removed (ideal for girls who like dressing and undressing dolls), and the whole set can be played with together or as individual pieces.

I’ve featured Playmobil many times on Sparkling Adventures. I’ve used it for Sunday School lessons, built a dollhouse for the Playmobil scale, cleaned it up off individual squares on the floor, and have constantly been amazed at how creatively the girls play with it.

So, in the true spirit of generosity, I’d like to hear if you know anyone who’ll enjoy playing with this Playmobil set as much as my girls. (Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines for this giveaway before you leave a comment.)