Today I’m offering special earrings as a giveaway. I have several pairs with different coloured gemstones ready to send off. They’re perfect for little ears, as they feature a flat back and won’t poke into the tender skin behind the ear.

Giveway picture

All four of my daughters are wearing these labrets right now. I discovered them when I was looking for little earrings that would suit a baby.

Two years ago, I wrote a high recommendation on Sparkling Adventures for this style of earrings. And I stand by everything I said.

Labrets are available from piercing shops or online. I have chosen ones with a 6mm long bar — that’s the shortest I can find, and they fit the earlobe without hanging out either side. They’re a fantastic choice for children, and if part of them gets lost, you can replace one labret, or even just part of it!

So, in the true spirit of generosity, I’d like to hear if you know anyone who would benefit from wearing these labrets as earrings. (Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines for this giveaway before you leave a comment.)