This giveaway is a special pen that writes really well. Over the years, I’ve tried a whole range of pens, and this is the one that I like best. It’s a great gift for someone who keeps lists, writes letters or is particular about their penmanship.

Giveway picture

I’ve always used a “magic pen”. In my mind, I elevated one pen above all others, giving it favoured status. At work, I kept the pen close to my keyboard, and I used it to sign documents and scribble down notes.

At home, I use my magic pen (available online and from stationery shops) to journal my blog-post ideas in a notebook. I write down recipes and shopping lists. I do our taxes with it, and it’s always close to the computer.

In fact, if I can’t find my magic pen, I don’t write. I stop and look for it. I find it hard to compromise with any other pen after using such a smooth writer. Plus, I’m a little obsessed about it. Just a little.

My magic pen has featured on Sparkling Adventures at least once. You can see that I’m holding it in my hand while writing a blog post at our camp by the Clarence River last month. When I last bought a bulk lot of these pens, I stocked up with extra so I have some to give away.

So, in the true spirit of generosity, I’d like to hear if you know anyone who would benefit from a special, smooth-writing pen. (Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines for this giveaway before you leave a comment.)