Several times a week, we usually have people over. Sometimes friends are invited for a formal meal. Often it’s more of a potluck. Others come for a playdate, and some just stop by for a chat as they pass by the area (we’re situated just off a main highway).

It’s always a joy to host the gatherings, and the one thing that I love more than having friends over is to bring different friends together so they meet each other and enjoy the company of others outside their usual circle. Last night’s company was a truly ecumenical, international gathering.

Ruth is from the States, and she’s married to an Australian — Jonno. They’re currently attending an evangelical Anglican church in the city. Ruth is home-schooling their three children, and we love to get together for play dates. So it’s always nice when something is scheduled so her husband can come along.

And tonight was the first time that we were able to convince Tony and Lian to come for a meal. Tony comes from a Christadelphian church. Lian is a new immigrant from southern China and insisted that she wasn’t comfortable coming over unless she was doing the cooking. She previously worked as a nurse in a maternity hospital and always loves the opportunity to spend time with children. At our house, she certainly gets plenty of that!

Friends in our house, October 2010
Lian loved playing with the babies.

Friends in our house, October 2010
And Jonno got to try out the gyro-cars.

Friends in our house, October 2010
Delaney and Baby E are less than two months apart in age.

Friends in our house, October 2010
In interacting with the children, Lian was able to practice her English in a very safe way.

Tony + Lian with E, October 2010
Next month, Tony and Lian will celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

I am always encouraged to see how we find godly fellowship consistently outside of the organised church structure. The Father is so good to us in bringing people into our lives to encourage us and stimulate us to seek His kingdom!

We love the conversations that different backgrounds can provide. It’s always interesting to hear others’ stories and how their relationship with the Father is progressing. I pray that as we travel around we may find ourselves in the midst of such loving gatherings just as often!