One of our favourite spots at the Eatonsville camp was a lily-pad lake. Actually more of a pond, it was a picturesque spot surrounded by trees in a little hollow. We returned to it again and again, and next time we’re in the area, we’d like to spend a night on its sandy beach.

Exploring the Eatonsville area, October 2010
The pond was shallow enough for the girls to walk directly across. It's limited depth probably accounted for the lily-pads' profusion.

David and the girls first discovered the pond when they made their slow way back to camp after we crossed the Clarence river as a family. The girls loved the shallow water and played happily in the sand.

Damselfly, October 2010
I spied this beautiful damselfly. Did you know that damselflies spend up to the first five years of their lives under water as nymphs?

David, October 2010
Although he didn't go into the water, David loved chilling out at this spot, watching the girls play.

It doesn’t take much for the girls to start their imaginary games. At the lily-pad lake, they used their beach shoes as props — filling them with sand and water to make little cakes. They collected lily-pads and rode their toys in the water. And they raced across the sand — with Calista specialising in the nude run.

It was hard to convince the girls to leave. It was the last location I fetched everyone from when it was time for us to move on. I packed the truck up and moved it closer to the lily-pad lake, then I came to collect everyone. But no one wanted to leave.