David’s grandma Yvette Alma Rose Fisher née Hardy died today. She was 90 years old.

Born on 16 January 1920, Yvette was a non-identical twin with her sister Yvonne. She also had an older brother Douglas and a younger sister Dianne. Yvette was a loving Grandma to her seven grandchildren, and she cheerfully hosted family reunions at her house in Killcare on the NSW Central Coast.

Yvette Fisher and David, February 1974
Yvette Fisher and 7mo David, February 1974

Yvette Fisher and David, February 1974
David's cousin Belinda with her Grandma and baby David.

(I know I’ve seen that baby somewhere recently! Could it have been here?)

David, 19 days old, August 1973
In this picture, Yvette is bathing the 19-day-old baby who is now my husband!

I am thankful for the times I got to spend with Grandma, and once she visited us in our house here. It was fascinating to talk to her about her life — she had interesting stories to tell about the way the world has changed.

Rest in peace, Yvette. You’re with the Father now.