As well as water-skiing, we spent a number of days playing around Grafton. The weather was beautiful, allowing us to enjoy playing outside, work in the garden and even (for the girls) take a dip in Woodoo’s pool!

Visiting Grafton, October 2010
While staying at Grafton, we were parked outside David's parents house.

Although this is the only house that I have known the Fishers to occupy, David never lived here. His parents moved in in December 1995, and nine months later, David and I met in Leeton.

The Grafton house is a white, Spanish-style hacienda with concrete-block walls and a red tile roof. It’s a very unusual style for Australia, and the sleepy town of Grafton has never seen a duplicate.

David’s parents have always improved their houses through landscaping and gardening, and this house is no exception. It’s spring now, and the garden beds out the front are bursting with flowers. The whole block is secluded — Woodoo planted many native trees when they first moved in — and mature trees dot the two acres around the house.

One sunny day, a chill wind made me want to huddle inside. But David recognised the potential and convinced us all to travel to a nearby park for some kite flying. Woodoo came along for the outing and enjoyed the sunshine as well some more interaction with the girls.

2yo Calista in Grafton, October 2010
When we went to the park, it was a beautiful, sunny day but the wind was chilly so we rugged up warmly.

Lauren flying a kite, October 2010
I finally succeeded in holding the kite aloft. It's a thrilling activity — I can understand how some people become enthusiastic about it.

I grew confident on my success until I got sloppy and neatly pinned the kite at the top of the 3.6-metre-high fence surrounding a tennis court. With a bit of jiggling of the strings, the kite did come down — but inside the locked tennis court!

I wound up the string, hoping to perhaps throw the spools over the fence and retrieve the kite from under a gap in the wire. Just as I got close to doing this, a sudden gust of wind lifted the kite out of the court and over the fence. Thank you, Father!

Aisha flying a kite in Grafton, October 2010
On this day, the wind was so steady that even Aisha could keep the kite up too.

When we arrived in Grafton, I was dismayed to note that the pool was mostly empty. Woodoo had used this cooler time of year to get some maintenance done, and it had been emptied and concrete patches had been placed in various sections of the pool. After the work was completed, heavy rain had put a foot or two of water in the bottom of the pool, but it didn’t look inviting to me!

Playing in the pool at Grafton, October 2010
The water level was just the right height for little kids!

Playing in the pool at Grafton, October 2010
The girls liked cooling off in the water, and I loved the safety of it too!

David used this visit to clean up some of the old branches that needed to be cut and disposed of. We spent a couple days working around the house. David cut the fallen trees, and I tidied up over-grown garden beds.

The girls were happy to play with what they could find — teddies, pencils and paper, and a magnetic whiteboard. When we started a bonfire, the girls loved adding to it, and soon after the fire was first going, Aisha came to me and announced that only the kids had made the fire — “the grown-ups didn’t do anything”!

At the Grafton house, October 2010
Everyone enjoyed a snack in the back yard where David had made a bonfire to burn off some old branches.

David, October 2010
David did heaps of work around the property, but he loves to work and it made him feel really good to be so productive on holidays!

During our visit, workers came and finished the work on the pool, so Woodoo was able to start filling it up with the garden hose. The girls loved playing with the running hose, and then they wanted to get in.

Playing in the pool at Grafton, October 2010
After the pool was filled, the green colour didn't deter the girls from going for a swim. And as Woodoo remarked wryly, it's exactly the same water that we drink and wash in every day!

Playing in the pool at Grafton, October 2010
Aisha and Brioni worked out how to swim in tandem. This trip has been great for teaching the girls how to use swim aids like flippers and boards.

It was a lovely visit. Woodoo was very hospitable and long-suffering — even when he discovered his armchairs turned upside-down for cubby houses! We’ll definitely be stopping by again soon on our next trip, and perhaps we can persuade him to come along with us for some more adventures!