Enjoyment is a beautiful thing because it is the impulsive admiration for the works of God displayed to us. The rising of enjoyment is not something we can learn or force, but when God is within you, His presence is evidenced by a greater enjoyment in everything.

I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.

Most of all, we should be seeking and enjoying God’s judgements on us because we know they lead from death of self (ego death) and to righteousness and freedom from sin.

At home — with clarified vision — we’re experiencing domestic bliss. Now that the rains are over, we’ve been enjoying the new growth in our garden and the glorious lake down the back.

Horses down the back, October 2010
We've always wanted water views! Our little swamp has turned into a lake.

Our back fence, October 2010
Our back fence is in bloom (with the jasmine on the left about to burst into flower too).

David and Brioni flying a kite in the back paddock, October 2010
David and Brioni got to fly our kite in the gusty winds that came with the rain.