Ever since we put our house on the market, we’ve felt as if our lives were on hold. We’ve been waiting for the right buyer to come along, and we’ve felt grounded to this property — unable to leave it for very long.

A couple nights ago, David and I woke up to the reality that we had another option open to us. We could rent our house out to someone, store our belongings in our warehouse/shed and travel around Australia and to New Zealand. So we’ve taken our house off the market.

This realisation has brought great relief. We’ve started dreaming again about travelling around Australia. And then we’ll head to New Zealand when we can get cheap air flights over there. But in the meantime, we’ll see a bit of this big, sunburnt country.

So we’ve purchased a trailer to connect to our truck as part of a travelling rig, and we’re going to start making some trips. Our first couple of trips will be short ones — so we can get used to living in the truck and storing things in the trailer. And then — when our house is rented out to some nice people — we’ll head to Adelaide, making several stops along the way to visit friends.

Truck and trailer, October 2010
We'll be taking this trailer with the truck to increase our storage capacity and so we can also bring many of David's tools along.

Truck and trailer, October 2010
The trailer has two large doors that open up (as well as a personal door on the side).

David angle-grinding, October 2010
David has been fixing a tow-bar to the back of his truck.

We’re getting excited about the upcoming road trips. It’s been a dream of David and mine (from before we were married) to travel around Australia. And now we’re going to seize the opportunity and hit the road. Soon. Very soon. Can we come a visit you?