There are occasions just before dinnertime when I turn around from my position at the stove or the sink and notice that somehow, almost miraculously, I don’t have any small people following me around, desperate for my attention. For one day at least, the arsenic hour has transformed from a poisonous time to a peaceful one.

Today, I was so delighted with 1) my ability to freely move around the kitchen without a baby holding onto my legs 2) no wails bouncing off the walls and 3) no starvation pleas that I downed tools and grabbed the camera to record this beautiful day.

Delaney, 9 months old, + Aisha, 5yo, October 2010
Aisha and Delaney were playing together on a couch. Aisha likes to sing songs and cuddle Dell as if she was her daughter. It's beautiful to watch.

Brioni, 4yo, October 2010
Brioni was putting together a new puzzle. Although she initially started compiling it with the picture upside-down, at some point she turned it around so she could see the image properly.

Calista, 2yo, October 2010
And Cali was happily cutting up pieces of paper into teeny, tiny bits. I have a love/hate relationship with the girls' desire to cut paper. On one hand, it keeps them entertained for hours. On the other, I have to pick up and vacuum all the bits that somehow manage to get scattered all around the house.

Do you have the witching hour at your house?