One of the reasons that we wanted to go down to the Gold Coast this weekend is because we wanted to give the girls a bit more experience in sleeping in the truck before we stay away for a longer time. A short trip allows us to train to live peacefully in such a small space.

Sleeping in the truck, October 2010
The girls learned how to sleep peacefully side-by-side in the upstairs sleeping space in the truck. If we were in another culture, this could be their normal sleeping arrangement.

This trip was especially exciting for me because I used the opportunity to start driving the truck. I have to practice until I am confident enough to pass the test that will upgrade my licence.

We visited a family at Tweed Heads who we met at the unschooling retreat. Although we had only spent such a short amount of time together at the retreat, we connected in a special way and found that the connection was still there when we met up again.

David with Jason and Sarah, October 2010
The Ps were very kind in opening their home to us — the wet weather meant that we couldn't play outside. (Although David and Jason did venture out for some walks in the rain with the girls.)

Brielle + Aisha, October 2010
Aisha loved playing with 15mo B — she's such a little mummy!

Brioni, Brielle, + Aisha, October 2010
And a new house means new toys — always lots of fun for our girls!

David reading to Brioni and Aisha, October 2010
David started reading "Floodland" to the girls, and it was so engrossing that we borrowed it and he finished reading it to them within a day!

We had such a lovely time, and it’s wonderful to know that we’ll be able to return the favour by hosting the Ps at our house very soon!