David and I love the spring time. And we love the new dimensions of our relationship that are growing as we both learn new things about the Father — away from institutionalised religion.

Some evenings we’ve been able to enjoy the perfect spring weather — not too hot and not too cold — and take the dog for a long walk around our neighbourhood. It’s been fun to explore new housing estates and speculate on how they will change the future of our little suburb.

Trees in bloom, September 2010
All the melaleuca trees are blossoming now, and their scent fills the air as we walk past. David calls these trees "peanut-butter and honey trees" because that's what their scent reminds him of.

Back at home, the night air is still so enticing that we find an excuse to linger outside. We lie on the trampoline and talk about everything — our bodies rolling into the centre of the mat until we are touching.

Night sky, September 2010
The stars shimmer through the canopy of leaves overhead. For these brief moments, life is perfect and we are completely at peace.

Then sleep beckons, and we go back inside, suddenly aware of the mosquitoes that are lingering. But through the night, the Father holds us close, teaching us more about Him, and we wake in hope and inspiration, eager to learn more and share what we’re discovering.

It’s a wonderful journey to be on — walking together in a relationship with God. I feel so blessed and absolutely free.