It’s been grey and rainy all day. Perfect inside weather. And to keep the littlies amused inside, what’s better than a cubby house? Flip the couches to make a more substantial cubby, and you’ll be offering your children hours of self-amusement.

Flipping the couch to make a cubby, September 2010
I flipped the two couches onto their fronts and pushed them together. Aisha added pillows and a large sheet to complete the cubby house.

The girls playing in a couch-cubby-house, September 2010
I gave the girls a little LED light, and that added heaps of fun.

Once everything was set up satisfactorily, the girls designated parts of their cubby as rooms and began in engage in a complicated game of house. They furnished their cubby with pillows and kitchen accessories, toys and dolls. (At one point I intervened because Aisha had expelled her sisters while she tidied up.)

Misty, September 2010
Initially the dog thought the cubby house would be a good place to hang out, but the girls found Misty too big (she was in their "bedroom") and kicked her out.

The girls playing in a couch-cubby-house, September 2010
To extend their imaginary play even further, Aisha requested some foods she could offer her "children" for their "dinner". (Calista ate tabouleh and the older two had spoonfuls of a nut and fruit trail-mix.)

The girls playing in a couch-cubby-house, September 2010
After "dinner", it was time for "bed". (This was too realistic for Calista, who decided to play elsewhere while her sisters pretended to sleep.)

Over the past week, we’ve been loving our new trampoline. So when today was a wash-out with the rain, I was apprehensive about how the girls would handle a full day indoors.

With the flipped couches, it hasn’t been a problem! (Except now I’ll have to engage Mrs Clinton to help with the negotiations in order to reclaim the couches for normal seating purposes!)