God has brought me to life in the last month — you could call me born again — and I’ve started experiencing an intimate relationship with Him. One of the lessons I’ve been learning is that all timing is perfect timing because it’s God’s timing.

A watch
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." — Albert Einstein

Prior to really knowing the Father, I thought that my journey in life could deviate from His good and perfect will. I somehow thought that I was powerful enough to thwart the intentions of the Almighty. But softly, gently, the Father has been awakening me from my sleep, unveiling my eyes so I can grasp the true reality of His presence.

A couple weeks ago David and I were driving to a friends’ house for dinner. I was stressing because the clock told me that we would arrive “late” — later than the pre-arranged time. When I found the words to voice my concerns to David, he said to me: “I’ve never been late for anything. I’ve always arrived at exactly the right time.”

David’s words have stuck with me and as I have experienced more of the Father and truly started to walk with Him in a way that I have never done before, I realised that David was right. God is in control, and His timing is perfect!

We have wrapped our culture into a dimension called “time”, and we use it to determine if something is right, ready, necessary, or mature. And the importance we place on time causes a huge amount of stress.

There have been countless times when I have stressed over time — arriving late, arriving early, not having enough time, not responding within the right time. But slowly, as I learn a new perspective of time from the Father, I have found that I can embrace the present (live in the now) and trust the Father with the timing of all the events in my life.

Whenever I feel tempted to be annoyed by the timing of something — because it’s not what I would have chosen — I stop and remember that Father is in control, and He is good. I praise Him for the opportunity to develop a fruit of the Holy Spirit (usually patience) and glorify Him for the work He is doing — even if I don’t fully understand the bigger picture.

As I left the house yesterday evening to pick up some friends from the airport, I wasn’t sure if I would arrive “on time” to meet their flight. However, with my new understanding that the Father is in control of the universe (and, yes, that includes me), I gave my anxiety over to Him.

I breathed a prayer that I would arrive at the airport — not necessarily at the right time as dictated by the digital read-out on my dashboard — at the right moment for me to be there. And because I have faith in the Creator, I knew it would be so. And with that certainty came a peace.

As I drove to the airport, the slow-down zones as I passed through road-works didn’t stress me. I didn’t worry about the time of the flight or how I would manage to park in the strict-two-minutes-only pick-up/drop-off zone. I knew that the Father had it all under control, and everything would work out in perfect timing.

This is just a silly little example of how my new awareness of the Father is impacting me throughout the day. A drive to the airport that would have once stressed me to the point of knotting up my shoulders became a calm and peaceful ride.

As our family sits in our house, waiting for it to sell so we can move to New Zealand, slowly our minds have been transformed. We are no longer waiting, we are living abundantly.

We are pursuing the Father with a vigour and passion. We are building new relationships and rekindling ones previously abandoned. We are embracing a new freedom in Christ that will set down a foundation of holiness for our children to see the face of the living God in our lives.

How glorious and marvellous this waiting is! The timing of the Father is perfect — He is never early and never late. Now that I have been given true faith, I can trust and be free!