Remember tin can stilts? So easy to make, and loads of fun! The hardest part with this craft is finding two tin cans the same size.

Stilts, September 2010
Now with more power and energy in every step!

All winter long, I’ve been plying David with hot chocolate for the sole purpose of making these tin stilts. (It didn’t help that we switched brands halfway through July and I had mismatched tins for a while.)

Now that the weather has warmed up, I decided to take a drastic step and made myself a generous cup — heaping the chocolate powder in great quantities — so our second tin was ready to go!

I simply poked holes in the side of the tins and joined the ends of a cord together. (I used heavy-duty plastic ropey stuff that I found in David’s shed — I’m not quite sure what it was that I snaffled.)

It took the girls a little while to get used to walking in time with their hands. Once they mastered it, they loved the feeling of height and added advantage they gained — they could reach high shelves, look in the sink and see into our bedroom mirror!

Aisha, 5yo, on stilts, September 2010
Walking on tin-can stilts is excellent for developing balance.

Brioni on stilts, September 2010
Brioni was delighted to discover that she was taller than her older sister.

And in other excitement today, we found a pigeon sitting ever-so-still, trying very hard not to be noticed. But I spotted her. And so I called the girls to have a look.

Watching a pigeon, September 2010
The girls were able to get very close to this pigeon.

Watching a pigeon, September 2010
Brioni was practising her new skill — whistling — in an attempt to talk to the pigeon.

When Brioni finally reached out to touch her, she moved away — under the bushes and safe from little hands. Despite the disappointment of her moving away, we loved our close encounter with the wild!