After a mostly quiet August, we’re starting this new month with a full calendar! I always love having a list of activities to take our children to, and it’s even more fun when people come to stay at our house.

Packing things for camping, September 2010
In packing the girls' clothes for our long weekend away, I've realised that we have almost run out of little undies. (How have I not noticed it before?)

This weekend we’re heading to Australia’s first unschooling retreat, and I’m very excited. David’s not certain what all the fuss is about, but I’m hoping to meet some very interesting people and see how they live their lives. I’ve never met any radical unschoolers before, and I’m eager to observe how their philosophy impacts on various aspects of their family’s life.

David working on his truck, September 2010
When he hasn't been working, David has been busy pimping his ride. He's installed a *huge* sound system in the back of it. (Look at the speakers in the top cages.)

Soldering electrics, September 2010
David has been working with an amp, converting it and his stereo to run on the 12 volt power in the truck.

When we get back home, my mother (“Manou”) will be staying with us for a while. The girls are very excited about her visit. They look forward to doing exciting craft activities with her (since I’m such a reluctant crafter), and I’m sure she’ll read many, many books to the older three. This will also be her first opportunity to meet Delaney — her youngest grandchild.

And after that visit, some online friends will come up and stay with us as they enjoy a second honeymoon visiting all the theme parks in the area. We’ve never met the Ms before, but I’m really looking forward to speaking to K face-to-face after all this email contact and one looooooooong phone call!

K has been following my blog since way back, and I wonder how reality will compare to the pictures I’ve painted on this blog! I’m planning on interviewing her to get her perspective on Sparkling Adventures vs. Real Life, so if you have any questions about what life is really like in our family, leave a comment and I’ll get K to answer them for you!