Now that Brioni’s four years old, we’ve asked her to give up her security blanket. Boolah has been her companion since she was a small baby. Brioni still loves to suck her thumb, and we’re hoping that the absence of Boolah will also mean that she drops the thumb-sucking habit.

Brioni, 4yo, with Boolah, September 2010
I gave Brioni one last cuddle before I put Boolah away for good.

We’ve given security blankets to each of the girls. Aisha had an heirloom — a knitted wool blanket that had been presented to me as a child. She called it Aya and particularly loved just one corner of it. I had a hard time putting Aya away because David kept bringing it back out for Aisha!

After the nightmare of trying to keep an unravelling knitted blanket together, I bought Brioni’s Boolah from Ikea. Easy-wash cotton — it was a breeze to look after.

Calista’s blanket came from a very special Etsy shop. She adopted Pink so well that I soon had to go back to Tobie and ask her if she could make a smaller-sized “Baby Pink” so we’d have a car blanket and/or replacement blanket when the real thing was being washed.

Before Delaney’s birth, I approached Tobie again and knew enough to ask for two blankets — one full-sized and the other little bigger than a sheet of paper. Tobie kindly offered to order in some material especially for my blankets and let me choose my fabric of choice from her suppliers. Then when Tobie was making Dell’s blankets, her daughter persuaded her to make a fish toy from some yellow scraps. Dell has successfully adopted the blankets and the fish, and she loves them dearly.

Aisha, 5yo, + Delaney, 7 months old, August 2010
Delaney loves her security blanket. We call it her "Fishy Rug" because it has yellow and pink fish on the underside.

Delaney, 8 months old, August 2010
Delaney with her special fish toy made by Tobie on the insistence of her daughter.

Delaney, 8 months old, August 2010
Judging from the marks on the fish's tail, Delaney must chew on it a lot when she's in bed.

How about you? Did you introduce security blankets to your children? And if so, how did you finally wean them off it?