After fourteen years of being together, David and I are becoming different people. Gently, softly — God is transforming our minds, and we have decided to express the inward changes by experimenting in making a radical outward change.

We’ve swapped sides.

Our bed, August 2010

Yes, the sacred marriage bed has been upset.

I’ve always lain on the right of David (I’m David’s right hand, if you will), and David usually ended up closest to the ensuite (how did that happen?).

How does a couple choose sides anyway? I can’t remember how we did it.

Did David and I sit down and formally discuss the merits of each side, agreeing to compromise with me on the left and him on the right? I think we just fit together properly in a certain way — my left hand holding his right, and the comfortable fit flowed naturally into the bedroom.

But now we’re ready for a shake-up. We’re going to see if it changes our relationship dynamics, and it will certainly cause some confusion for our daughters!

In preparation for the bedtime changes, I’ve switched the bedside table drawers (those are contents that are difficult to sort through!) and have accessorised our individual tables in the particular styles to which we are accustomed — torches, Bibles and a drink-bottle for David’s side, and an mp3-player for my side.

We’re going to try this deliberate change on for size and see if it fits the new “us”. Will it last? Only time will tell!