Last night I had a vision of the future for three of our daughters — and I caught a glimpse of the type of men they’ll marry. I wanted to record it — not just because I think I’m right about this — but because if I’m wrong, it will be hilarious for the girls to read in the future!

Aisha, 5yo, + Brioni, 4yo, August 2010
They're learning the poses, but will they grow up into dancers?

Aisha will marry a bookish, nerd type, someone who works on computers rather than with his hands. He will connect so completely with her, that she will have no trouble in realising she has met her soul mate. She and her husband will work in the city, and we will need to come to visit them because they’ll have busy careers.

Brioni will marry a big Maori bloke and be adopted by the whole clan. Her husband will be into rugby and any other sport, and she will eagerly go along to all his games as a cheerleader. She’ll live with his family in the country but not very close to us.

Calista will stay close to us, geographically-speaking. She will marry the man who is most like David, someone who works with his hands — possibly on a farm or in a trade. He’ll be easy to get along with, and we’ll enjoy having him around.

Delaney, well, I haven’t yet discovered her personality, and so I am unable to picture her with a man. It’ll be wonderful to see how she grows and develops!

What about you? Have you caught glimpses of your children’s futures?