Aisha flying a kite, August 2010
Today was a bright and beautiful day — perfect to be outside!

It was a true Sunday — the sun rose quickly and warmed the chilly land. We had a house inspection early in the day and then headed to a park at Manly to meet with some Christian friends.

David, Noel and Wal, chatting in the park.
We couldn't decide whether we wanted to sit in the sun or the shade, so we ended up in the dappled shade of a casuarina tree.

David + Noel, August 2010
We always enjoy hanging out with Noel, who speaks with wisdom after first pausing to consider his words carefully.

Calista, 2yo, August 2010
Although the sun was warm, the wind was chilly, so the girls asked for their jumpers.

We ate fish and chips before moving closer to the playground so the kids could climb around. But mostly they wanted to just hang out with us — and fly the kite again!

Aisha flying a kite, August 2010
Aisha was pleased to have another opportunity to fly our kite.

Noel and Delaney, August 2010
Dell's very happy to be cuddled by our friend Noel.

Calista, 2yo, August 2010
Calista enjoyed the swing — especially as she somehow convinced Brioni to push her for a good, long time!