During this visit by Woodoo, the girls have appreciated some special one-on-one time with their grandfather. Calista was the first to have special outings. She accompanied Woodoo to the doctor and duly received attention, stickers and lollies from the medical staff.

The following two days, Woodoo took the older two girls to the shopping centre (separately) and treated them to hot chips, ice-cream and a little present. It’s been a special treat for them, and one that they’re not likely to forget!

Brioni, 3yo, August 2010
Brioni selected a bubble-blowing kit from the shop and has been meticulous about returning all the items to their original container after using them.

Aisha and Woodoo, August 2010
Aisha chose some stickers during her outing with Woodoo (she's wearing one on her cheek).

The girls really liked going out with Woodoo — the special presents and food were extra-special because they came from someone other than us. Thanks, W!