Samantha the puppy, August 2010
Samantha the puppy — her colouring around the face gives her character.

Woodoo has stayed a bit longer at our house, and we don’t mind — especially as it means the girls get to play with his little dog. Samantha the puppy has been receiving lots of attention. She’s currently the main attraction at our house, and the girls include her in their games — both inside and out.

Our dog hasn’t had any problems in accepting the puppy’s presence in our huge yard, although Misty doesn’t like to play with the puppy.

Aisha, Brioni, + Woodoo with Samantha the puppy, August 2010
In order to feed Samantha, Woodoo had to find her out in the backyard where Aisha and Brioni had sequestered her in their makeshift cubby house.

Because she’s not our puppy, I don’t mind Samantha. It’s nice to see the girls enjoying the cute, little puppy — and even nicer to know that she’s not my responsibility. I’ve been putting up with her deposits, simply because I’m used to cleaning up wee and poo off the floor — it happens all the time here.

Samantha the puppy, August 2010
Yeah, she's cute.