Today I was reminded how I’m really delighted to be homeschooling our children. Because we aren’t confined by the strictures of an institution, we can run on our own time schedule, grabbing each moment of learning as it happens.

Like today — we were driving home from the the shops, and I saw a tow-truck with an ambulance on its tray. So I turned the car around, and we followed it to the station and watched the driver take it off the truck and asked him questions about what was happening.

It’s fascinating to be able to take the time to learn about things like this, and people are usually willing to share effusively about their profession and knowledge. I am learning to be more assertive about approaching strangers for the sake of my children’s knowledge (and also because otherwise I would be seriously pestered with questions!).

What a joy to be on this journey of discovery and education with my children! They are so enthusiastic about increasing their knowledge and spur me on to increasing my own knowledge as well as finding more things to stimulate their ever-expanding minds!

Brioni, 3yo, July 2010

Let the wise listen and add to their learning.

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