Delaney, 7 months old, July 2010

This little baby is growing so fast, it’s hard to keep track of her age. Now that she’s eating regular food too, Delaney’s putting on weight fast and has even started to get a little chubby.

At seven months, Dell crawls everywhere in the house, and sometimes even out the doors if they’re left open! Occasionally I find her by herself on all fours, crawled into a corner and sometimes a cupboard, unable to properly articulate how lonely she’s feeling except through a bubbling, voiceless squawl that stops as soon as she is picked up.

Delaney is also pulling herself up onto furniture and has started cruising along the side of the couch. She has just cut one of her top teeth (the right one) and will put it to good use with all the food she’s eating.

She eats about one weetbix for breakfast, a slice or two of bread/toast for lunch (minus the bits that fall down beside her or down to the dog), and a good portion of dinner — just whatever we’re having. I cooked up some vegetables for her once but quickly abandoned those when I realised how she was happy to share our meals.

Delaney knows her name and responds to the person who calls it. She loves to play with her sisters and hasn’t choked on any of their small toys (yet).

Delaney is the only daughter who regularly sleeps through the night, although she wakes at 5.30 each morning with near precision. It’s a joy to have her in our household, and we look forward to seeing her personality develop!

Delaney, 7 months old, July 2010
Moving along the side of the couch...