The highlight of my week was Wednesday, when I dressed like an adult and got to act like an adult all day!

My work asked me to return to help with several ‘plain language’ workshops, think-tanks & seminars, and at one day a week for the next couple of weeks, how could I refuse?

I really only just sat and observed the brainstorming session, assisting with secretarial minutiae and taking notes. However, re-entering the corporate environment gave me such a buzz, that I can’t wait until next Wednesday!

For those who don’t know, I work for the Crime and Misconduct Commission who fight crime and corruption in this state. I am part of the Communications Unit, and I usually manage the website and handle graphic design, producing marketing materials and reports.

However exhilarating Wednesday was, I spent yesterday recovering and am only now energetic enough to catch up on the housework.

(David said he had a wonderful time with the girls on his own, and he even managed to get two loads of washing done! Thanks, David.)