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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Travels in Tasmania

Mount Nelson Signal Station, Hobart, Tasmania, November 2015

Mount Nelson Signal Station

12 November 2015

Sinbad the Sailor, performed by Big Monkey Theatre, Hobart, Tasmania, January 2015

Sinbad the sailor

16 January 2015

On the pathway to Junee Cave, Tasmania, January 2015

Junee Cave

15 January 2015

Pademelon and our vehicles at the campground, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, January 2015

A hitchhiking race

14 January 2015

Taka playing at Cygnet Folk Festival, Tasmania, January 2015

Cygnet Folk Festival

11 January 2015

Contra dancing, Hobart, March 2014

Contra dancing

3 March 2014

Dance Club in the community hall, South Hobart, March 2014

Hobart's dance club

2 March 2014

Sitting in a bathtub, typing on a laptop, at Thalia, East Tasmania, December 2013

The story of Now

19 December 2013

The Gifted Gypsy off the road, November 2013

Into the ditch

24 November 2013

Bush sauna at Cape Raoul Retreat, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, November 2013

The bush sauna

23 November 2013

Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, November 2013

Waterfall Bay

22 November 2013

A glimpse of MONA

20 February 2013

Aisha painting at the co-op, Taroona, Hobart, February 2013

Crashing the co-op

19 February 2013

Playing on a skateboard ramp, Poatina, February 2013

A surprise stop

18 February 2013

Kim Clark's round house, February 2013

Round at Evan's

16 February 2013

Aisha's restaurant, February 2013

The final lap

15 February 2013

Love from Tassie logo, Legerwood, Tasmania, December 2012

Simply smitten

14 February 2013

Buzzies in Tasmania, February 2013


13 February 2013

Fractangular, Buckland, Tasmania, February 2013

Fractangular for families

10 February 2013

Kayak launch for a new Guinness World Record, Bellerive Beach, Hobart, Tasmania, February 2013

A new world record

9 February 2013

Pottery lesson with Jude Maisch, Hobart, Tasmania, February 2013

Throwing lesson

8 February 2013

Elke Scott and Lauren Fisher, Hastings Thermal Pool, February 2013

Hot enough for a swim

6 February 2013

Blue robot Scarecrow, Middletown Country Fair, February 2013

The scarecrow trail

3 February 2013

Middleton Country Fair, Tasmania, February 2013

Middleton Country Fair

2 February 2013

Reliquaire, Latrobe, Tasmania, January 2013

The treasures of Reliquaire

1 February 2013

Acrobalance at Tasmanian Circus Festival, January 2013

That circus feeling

26 January 2013

Jeff Achtem's Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones shadow puppetry show, Ulverstone, Tasmania, January 2013

Shadow cartoons

24 January 2013

Parked in northern Tasmania, January 2013

Accepting help

23 January 2013

Brioni lying in the sand, Camping at Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania, January 2013

Water views

22 January 2013

Paddling in the water at Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania, January 2013


21 January 2013

Launceston Aquatic Centre, Tasmania, January 2013

Another swimming day

20 January 2013

Parked at Launceston, January 2013

A breakdown with blessings

19 January 2013

Calista eating raisin toast, January 2013

Home-bods for a change

17 January 2013

Watching the monkeys, City Park, Launceston, Tasmania, January 2013

The monkeys of City Park

15 January 2013

Exploring the exhibits at Phenomena Factory, QVMAG, Inveresk, Launceston, Tasmania, January 2013

Afternoon at the museum

14 January 2013

Hastings Thermal Pool, Tasmania, January 2013

Hastings thermal pool

10 January 2013

Pademelon at Cockle Creek, Recherche Bay, Tasmania, January 2013

Cockle Creek

9 January 2013

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