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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Travels in Queensland

Our girls touching a sea turtle egg at Mon Repos Conservation Park, November 2012

Turtle eggs

17 November 2012

Delaney using eclipse glasses, November 2012

Solar eclipse

14 November 2012

Paronella Park, November 2012

The Spaniard's castle

12 November 2012

Five Mile Swimming Hole, near Cardwell, Far North Queensland, November 2012

Five Mile Swimming Hole

11 November 2012

Riverway, Townsville, November 2012

Riverway in Townsville

10 November 2012

Campwin Beach, Sarina, Queensland, November 2012

Campwin Beach

8 November 2012

Our girls in the Woods' bus, November 2012

A morning at the Woods'

8 November 2012

Old Bruce Highway, Calliope River, Calliope, November 2012

Calliope River

7 November 2012

Calista and Brioni going for a swim, November 2012

Mary River camp

4 November 2012

Sunset at Lake Maroon, Camp Lake Fire, October 2012

Camp Lake Fire

25 October 2012

Yarn-bombed tractor, Kingaroy, September 2012

Yarn-bombed tractor

17 September 2012

Tractor Tattoo cut-outs, Kingaroy, September 2012

Tractor tattoo

15 September 2012

Brioni touching a koala at Australia Zoo, July 2012

Australia Zoo

24 July 2012

Noosa Botanical Gardens, December 2010

Cooroy surprise

6 December 2010

Dolphin at Tin Can Bay, December 2010

Dolphins and other friends

5 December 2010

Wetside, Harvey Bay, December 2010

Wetside at Harvey Bay

4 December 2010

Watching a train, November 2010

Burnett at Bundy

1 December 2010

Brioni washing her hair on the beach, November 2010

Norvay Park

29 November 2010

Climbing in the mangroves, November 2010

Monkeying in the mangroves

28 November 2010

Brioni and Aisha with their sandcastles, November 2010

Tondoon and Tannum

26 November 2010

Playing at No. 7 dam, Mount Morgan, November 2010

No. 7 dam

25 November 2010

David and Calista in Emerald, November 2010

Under the windmill

22 November 2010

Memorial to plane crash victims, November 2010

Grounded birds

20 November 2010

Brioni with her rock tower, November 2010

Relaxing at the rock pool

19 November 2010

Carnarvon Gorge, November 2010

The great walk

18 November 2010

Brioni in Carnarvon National Park, November 2010

The moss garden

17 November 2010

Horse in the truck, November 2010

The long way around

16 November 2010

Marlong Arch, November 2010

Mount Moffat

15 November 2010

David ready to weld at Womblebank, November 2010

Womblebank pause

13 November 2010

Camping at Mitchell, November 2010

Much ado about Mitchell

12 November 2010

Brioni holding an echidna, November 2010

Tranquility at Judd's

11 November 2010

Heifer Creek, November 2010

Heifer Creek

5 November 2010