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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

Out and about

Made on the Left markets, Perth, July 2013

Made on the left

28 July 2013

Niknarmada, Adam Rankin, Didge Festival, Melbourne, March 2013

Didge Fest

2 March 2013

Middleton Country Fair, Tasmania, February 2013

Middleton Country Fair

2 February 2013

Watching the monkeys, City Park, Launceston, Tasmania, January 2013

The monkeys of City Park

15 January 2013

Pass the parcel, November 2012

Lali's party in the park

25 November 2012

Delaney at Settlement Cove Lagoon, Redcliffe, September 2012

Settlement Cove Lagoon

21 September 2012

Brioni looks a Hercules moth, Queensland Museum, September 2012

Mummies and more

18 September 2012

Brioni underwater, September 2012


13 September 2012

Our girls at Northey Street City Farm, September 2012

Northey Street City Farm

11 September 2012

Brisbane Airport International Lantern Garden designed by Tony Assness, Brisbane, September 2012

Brisbane Festival

8 September 2012

Homeschooling group's Spring Fair, September 2012

Spring fair

4 September 2012

Stradbroke Dreamtime, September 2012

Stradbroke Dreamtime

1 September 2012

Grin and Tonic's performance of Warning: Small parts

Warning: small parts

29 August 2012

Stars in August 2012

To catch a shooting star

12 August 2012

Johnny and Aisha at Southbank Markets, August 2012

Sunday at South Bank

5 August 2012

Delaney plays with her fingers, June 2012

A lost sparkle

21 June 2012

Orphan Rock, February 2012

The scenic tour at Katoomba

21 February 2012

Brioni looking over Sydney Harbour, February 2012

Out with the Bol girls

19 February 2012

Groyne building material, January 2012

Relaxing in the park

28 January 2012

Aisha on the train platform, January 2012

Australia Day in Sydney

26 January 2012

Lauren at the Powerhouse Museum, January 2012

The Powerhouse Museum

23 January 2012

Sea Biscuit the green turtle, January 2012

Manly attractions

15 January 2012

In Redfern Park, January 2012

A day of rest

14 January 2012

Luna Park, January 2012

Huge day at Luna Park

13 January 2012

On the tram, January 2012

Sunday fundays

8 January 2012

Playing with an iPad, January 2012


5 January 2012

Exploring the Beenleigh Show, September 2011

It's show time!

16 September 2011

Shadows, September 2011

Return to duck park

14 September 2011

Bethany and Faith, August 2011

Meeting at the boat park

9 August 2011

Parakai Springs, July 2011

Parakai pools

23 July 2011

Waiting for the bus at Parnell, July 2011

Auckland adventures

20 July 2011

David with Lang girls and ours, June 2011

A man with six girls

9 June 2011

Graham sitting in his boat

Skiing with the Js

29 January 2011

Australia Day on the beach, January 2011

Australia Day at the beach

26 January 2011

Letting a hot-air balloon go, December 2010

To celebrate

31 December 2010

Brioni playing in the creek, January 2011

Cunglebung fun

30 December 2010

Riding in the top of the truck, December 2010

A remote camping spot

29 December 2010

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