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I'm a redheaded mama with four lovely daughters. We're based in southern Australia and travel in a small, colourful housebus — meeting inspiring people, learning lots and re-thinking everything. I feel passionately about spirituality, good design, alternative education, discussing death and conscious parenting.

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Travels in New South Wales

Camp-site at Glendon Brook, December 2011

A camp for the holidays

23 December 2011

Mirannie Mountain, December 2011

Mount Mirannie

9 December 2011

Lauren in the bath, December 2011

Getting civilised

2 December 2011

Parking at Beresfield truck stop, November 2011

Truck stop

8 November 2011

Paragliding at Bald Hill, November 2011

Fliers at Bald Hill

4 November 2011

Wayne, Victor and Lauren, October 2011

My gay dad

1 November 2011

Brioni and James, October 2011

Making friends with James

30 October 2011

Lauren and Lusi Austin, October 2011

Loving the Austins

27 October 2011

Delcie holding Ayla, October 2011

Blue Mountains friends

26 October 2011

Our girls at the Common Ground café in Katoomba, October 2011

Finding common ground

24 October 2011

Delaney and Calista at Flat Rock, October 2011

Flat Rock

21 October 2011

The mouse house at Oberon playground, October 2011

The Oberon stop

20 October 2011

Walking along the Pagoda Track at Wollemi National Park, October 2011

The pagoda track

18 October 2011

Walking to the glow worms tunnel at Wollemi, October 2011

Glow worm tunnel

17 October 2011

Clarence House, October 2011

Clarence House

16 October 2011

Zig Zag Railway, October 2011

The Zig Zag Railway

15 October 2011

Mudgee coal mines, October 2011

The mines around Mudgee

13 October 2011

Wallabadah rest area, October 2011

Wallabadah rest area

9 October 2011

Darak's style, September 2011

Darak's style

2 October 2011

Mahuta Gap Beach, June 2011


15 June 2011

Red Cedar Falls, Dorrigo National Park, January 2011

The Waterfall Way

16 January 2011

Luna and Alice Fisher, January 2011

Inspirational meetings

14 January 2011

Delaney and Kate, January 2011

Getting local at Bello

13 January 2011

David and Lauren riding the Never Never, January 2011

Riding the Never Never

11 January 2011

Brioni at Diggers Beach, January 2011

Diggers beach

5 January 2011

Swimming at Aanuka, January 2010

Resort style

4 January 2011

Letting a hot-air balloon go, December 2010

To celebrate

31 December 2010

Brioni playing in the creek, January 2011

Cunglebung fun

30 December 2010

Riding in the top of the truck, December 2010

A remote camping spot

29 December 2010

Sarah playing with Brioni, December 2010

Feeling comfortable

28 December 2010

At the Grafton caravan, December 2010

Camping at Grafton

26 December 2010

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